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Property management is managing and maintaining a property on behalf of the owner.

This latest EPM blog will discuss our property management services and how they can help you!

Estates Property Management Services

Estates Property Management services are comprehensive services that focus on helping property owners meet the needs of their tenants.

These services typically include service charge collection, repairs and maintenance, company secretarial services, service charge appraisal, soft service and contractor procurement, on-site staff, and insurance procurement.

  • Service charge collection involves collecting monthly fees from tenants and any other charges associated with the property, such as late payment fines or fees for annual general meetings.
  • Repairs and maintenance cover significant works, such as structural repairs or renovations, and minor works, such as painting or plumbing.
  • Company secretarial services provide professional advice to property owners on matters related to compliance with the law, including filing annual accounts and changing company directors.
  • Service charge appraisal is a process used to determine how much money should be allocated for different tasks within a given period of time.
  • Soft service and contractor procurement involve sourcing quality contractors for any work that needs to be done around the building(s) in question.
  • On-site staff support tenants concerning any issues they may have with their residence. They can also handle general day-to-day tasks such as cleaning common areas or overseeing security systems.

Finally, insurance procurement involves researching appropriate policies for the building that will offer coverage for certain risks associated with owning a property (e.g., fire damage).

For the latest fire safety regulations, please see the Fire Safety England 2022 Regulations in PDF format here. 

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