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Block Management Widnes Services

Service Charge Collection

One of the primary responsibilities of block management services is collecting service charges from property owners.

At Estates Property Management, we take care of this crucial task on behalf of our clients, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

We work closely with property owners to establish realistic budgets and control service charges to ensure value for money and quality service provision.

Repairs & Maintenance Widnes

Keeping properties well-maintained is essential for both the comfort of residents and the long-term value of the property.

Our dedicated team at Block Management carefully manages all repairs and maintenance within our developments, ensuring that property owners receive value for money and high-quality service.

We work with trusted contractors to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance, and our clients benefit from a 24-hour emergency service for urgent matters, providing peace of mind, even during non-working hours.

Company Secretarial

Managing the administration of a Residential Management Company (RMC) or Right to Manage (RTM) Company can be overwhelming.

At EPM, our specialist team takes the stress out of company secretarial duties.

We handle all matters related to the company, including filing statutory accounts, maintaining company registers, and dealing with annual filing obligations.

With our expertise, property owners can rest assured that their company’s administrative tasks are in capable hands.

Service Charge Appraisal

We understand that property owners may have concerns about their existing managing agent or the charges and services offered.

That’s why we offer a free service charge appraisal to provide an independent opinion and guidance. Whether you’re unhappy with your current managing agent or simply seeking reassurance, our team at EPM can help.

Soft Service & Contractor Procurement

Maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of properties is vital. At EPM, we have a highly skilled in-house team that provides soft services such as cleaning, gardening, and window cleaning to our developments.

By utilising our in-house team, we ensure value for money and maintain a high quality of property management services. Additionally, we can also arrange and manage external providers when necessary.

On-Site Staff

Depending on the needs of each development, we can provide and manage on-site staff, including caretakers, porters, and concierge services.

Our team takes care of all human resources, payroll, and health and safety matters related to on-site staff, providing peace of mind to all stakeholders involved.

Insurance Procurement

Insurance coverage is crucial for protecting properties and residents. As appointed representatives of St Giles Insurance, we work closely to ensure value for money and provide comprehensive insurance coverage.

Being regulated for insurance activities gives assurance to our developments that we prioritise their protection.

Ground Rent Collection Widnes

For Freehold clients, we have an experienced in-house team dedicated to the collection of ground rents.

We ensure timely payments and issue demands in line with relevant legislation, taking the burden off property owners and providing a smooth collection process.

Solicitor Enquiries Widnes

When it comes to property sales, navigating solicitor enquiries can be time-consuming.

At EPM, our highly skilled in-house team handles pre-sale and post-sale enquiries on behalf of our developments.

We ensure that property sales are dealt with promptly and with a high degree of skill, streamlining the process for property owners.

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