Block Management Warrington
Block management Warrington

Are you searching for block management Warrington services? EPM can help!

EPM provides expert block management and block management services in Warrington.

This location page will explain how you can get started with EPM’s block management in Warrington services!

Block Management Warrington Services

Service Charge Collection – We streamline the process of service charge collections on behalf of our clients, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and delivering value for money.

Repairs & Maintenance – Our team effectively manages all repairs and maintenance within our developments, ensuring high-quality service provision. We also offer a 24-hour emergency service for urgent matters.

Company Secretarial – Our specialist team handles all aspects of RMC/RTM Company management, including filing statutory accounts, maintaining company registers, and dealing with annual filing obligations.

Service Charge Appraisal – We offer a free service for anyone dissatisfied with their current managing agent or seeking an independent opinion on charges and services.

Soft Service & Contractor Procurement – We have an in-house team that provides various maintenance services, including cleaning, gardening, and window cleaning. We also manage external providers as needed.

On-Site Staff – Depending on the development’s requirements, we can provide and manage on-site staff such as caretakers, porters, and concierges.

Insurance Procurement – As Appointed Representatives of St. Giles Insurance, we ensure value for money and comprehensive insurance coverage for our clients.

Ground Rent Collection – Our experienced team efficiently handles the collection of Ground Rents on behalf of Freehold clients, ensuring demands are issued in line with relevant legislation.

Solicitor Enquiries – Our skilled team ensures the sale of properties are dealt with promptly and professionally, handling all pre-sale and post-sale enquiries.

Benefits to Block management Warrington

Efficient Rent Collection

Block management services ensure regular and efficient collection of rent, maintaining a consistent cash flow.

Tenant Screening

They screen potential tenants thoroughly, which helps in reducing the risk of renting to unreliable or problematic tenants.

Maintenance and Repairs

They handle all maintenance and repair issues, ensuring that the property remains in good condition and adheres to health and safety standards.

Legal Issues

Property managers are well-versed with landlord-tenant laws and can handle legal disputes or evictions, saving you from potential legal hassles.

Marketing and Advertising

They employ effective marketing strategies to fill vacancies, reducing the time your property stays vacant.

Time and Stress Saving

With a property manager handling day-to-day operations, property owners can save considerable time and avoid stress.

Financial Management

Property managers provide detailed income and expense reports and can also help in filing property tax, helping you keep track of your finances.

Higher Tenant Retention

Good block management companies know how to keep their renters happy. Happy tenants are less likely to look for another place to live and more willing to accept reasonable rent increases.

Local Market Knowledge

Property managers have extensive local market knowledge, which can help you price your property competitively and fill vacancies faster.

24/7 Service

Many block management companies offer round-the-clock service for

emergencies, providing peace of mind for both landlords and tenants.

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