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Estate Property Management (EPM) takes pride in offering a variety of block management services throughout Cheshire.

Our dedicated team is deeply committed to ensuring the efficient operation and upkeep of residential properties.

We strive to deliver peace of mind and exceptional value to all property owners under our care.

This latest location page will tell you everything you need to about block management in Cheshire.

Block Management Services

Service Charge Collection

Central to our services is the meticulous management of service charge collections. We collaborate closely with property owners to establish realistic budgets and maintain control over service charges.

With a firm focus on compliance with relevant legislation, we expertly handle this critical aspect, providing our clients with superior service quality and value for their investment.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our block management experts in Cheshire are wholly devoted to safeguarding the long-term value of your property.

We oversee all repair and maintenance work within our developments, working in partnership with trusted contractors to deliver top-tier service.

Additionally, clients benefit from our round-the-clock emergency service, ensuring peace of mind even outside regular business hours.

Company Secretarial

Managing the administrative duties of a Residential Management Company (RMC) or Right to Manage (RTM) Company can feel overwhelming.

At EPM, we ease this load by expertly handling all company-related affairs, such as statutory accounts filing and annual obligations.

Property owners can trust our proven expertise to ensure their company’s administrative responsibilities are well taken care of.

Service Charge Appraisal

Recognising that property owners may harbour concerns regarding their managing agent or the charges and services provided, we offer a complimentary service charge appraisal.

This service provides independent advice and guidance, whether you are dissatisfied with your existing managing agent or seeking additional reassurance. The EPM team is always on hand to assist you in making informed decisions.

Soft Service & Contractor Procurement

The maintenance of property cleanliness and aesthetics is paramount. Our skilled in-house team specialises in soft services such as cleaning, gardening, and window cleaning.

By utilising our team, we ensure that value for money is maximised while upholding the highest property management standards. We also coordinate with external providers when additional services are required.

On-Site Staff

Tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each development, we offer the provision and management of on-site staff, including caretakers, porters, and concierge services.

Our dedicated team handles all HR, payroll, and health and safety matters related to on-site staff, providing peace of mind to all stakeholders.

Insurance Procurement

As proud representatives of St Giles Insurance, we work closely to deliver cost-effective insurance solutions and comprehensive coverage.

Our commitment to regulating our insurance activities ensures that our developments are prioritised, safeguarding their protection effectively.

Ground Rent Collection

For our Freehold clients, our experienced in-house team focuses on efficiently collecting ground rents.

We guarantee prompt payments and issue demands in strict accordance with relevant legislation, simplifying the collection process for property owners.

Solicitor Enquiries

Managing solicitor enquiries during property sales can be a time-consuming process.

At EPM, our in-house team expertly handles pre-sale and post-sale enquiries for our developments, ensuring that property sales progress swiftly and seamlessly for property owners.

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