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Consisting of 20 apartments in one block, with a lift and vehicle gate, Temple Apartments is a successful Right to Manage block of apartments which Estates PM have managed since November 2016. Dissatisfied with the management and costs being imposed on the owners, Estates PM were contacted by the owners to help them form the RTM Company and acquire the Right to Manage their apartment block.

Obtaining the 50% membership was the easy part due to the contempt owners felt towards their old managing agent, however, the battle against the outgoing managing agent and the Landlord was a long and drawn out battle. Estates PM took the case to the tribunal and following months of preparation, administration and bundle prep, prior to the date the determination was due to be made the case was withdrawn by the Landlord – the owners finally had the confirmation they needed that they had successfully acquired the Right to Manage.

The problems did not however end there and the RTM company received an invoice from the Landlord for £7210 in respect of ‘his’ costs for considering and dealing with the RTM application, and the managing agents ‘handover fee’ of £600. Estates PM took the matter back to the First Tier Tribunal to challenge the reasonableness of those costs, and were again successful with the application. The Tribunal agreed the costs were unreasonable and awarded the Landlord £1200 only, the managing agents handover fee was completely dismissed.

Since our management commenced, through thorough retendering and careful contractor selection and appointment, the annual service charge has reduced from £1800 per year with the previous managing agent, to £1040 with Estates PM, a saving of over 50%.

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